Two Fantastic New Vending Mobile Apps

Two Fantastic New Vending Mobile Apps

The Pay Range Mobile App

Don’t carry cash? No need to worry: the vending industry just jumped into the future with the launch of Pay Range. This new mobile app allows users to “swipe” dollars right into the vending machine. No more digging for change or ironing out a wrinkled bill. The Pay Range mobile app is available for Android and iPhone, and it works using Bluetooth technology to recognize your phone when you walk up to the machine.

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The Avanti Micro­Market Mobile App

The micro-market concept has transformed the way we look at vending machines, and it just took another step forward with the release of a new mobile app. The Avanti micro-market is a convenience store style set up that replaces vending machines. The self-checkout kiosk now accepts payments using the Avanti Micro-Market App. The app is similar to Apple Pay: you can load funds, earn rewards, and pay right from your phone. The technology behind a micro-market is constantly advancing, and with this new mobile app, you can now just walk into the micro-market with your phone. Also, Apple Pay will soon be available to use with Avanti micro-markets.

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